It's okay. From time to time, we all have questions.

Who exactly are you?

My name is Mahedi Hasan and I am a Software Developer, currently living in Dhaka, Bangladesh. I have a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Pabna University of Science & Technology, currently working as a software engineer at Sheba Technologies Limited

Are any of the videos free?

Of course! Truthfully, I'd love for all of the content to be free; however, the time investment (and infrastructure cost) is considerable. A small monthly fee allows me to dedicate as much energy as possible into providing the best PHP and Laravel content on the web.

How often is codecheef updated?

Typically, every single work day! Try to check the site at least once each work-day to find new content.

I love codecheef! How can I help?

Thanks! Codechief is a different kind of site. Most companies spend thousands on marketing to tell the world about their products. Codechief spends zero; we rely entirely on word of mouth. If you enjoy the site, please tell your friends. Send an email, or tweet out a link to the site. I promise it helps!

How much is codecheef, and what do you offer?

Codechief follows a subscription model. Right now it is totally free. But one year interval i will accept the payment from you before subscription.