Vue Js Range Slider Example with Code

Hello vue js lovers in this quick example code, today i will show you how we can create vue js range slider example. You know sometimes we need to filter our data according to two input data. You know how we can do that?

You can use select box to filter data between two range of data. But if you use vue-range-slider then you can manage it more easily then before and also it looks pretty and makes your application quit beautiful. 

So if you don't know how to use vue range slider or vue range bar in your vue js app then this tutorial is for you. See the demo pic of our tutorial.


Let's start how to create vue js range slider. 

Step 1 : Install Package

First we need to install  npm install vue-range-component --save package. So let's run below command to install it.

npm install vue-range-component --save


After installing it just follow below code and use it like your applications requirement. You can customize it. Follow the github docs.


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Hope it can help you.


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