Vue Js Password Strength Meter Example

Hello devs in this vue js tutorial i will show you vue js password strength meter example with source code. In this password strength checker vue js tutorial you will learn how to show password strength checker notification realtime to user to get better user experience.

To create this vue simple password meter example i will use this apertureless / vue-password-strength-meter package which is very light weight. So let's see how we can create this password strength meter ui for vue js application.



This is the preview that we are going to create. Run below command to create a vue app.

vue create example


Now go to your project directory and run below command to start our server:

cd example
npm run serve


Now in this step we have to install package to show this password meter. So install it

yarn add vue-password-strength-meter zxcvbn


npm add vue-password-strength-meter zxcvbn


Now see the example code:



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Hope it can help you.