Vue Js Input Tag Example Using Packages

Hello devs in this tutorial i will show you how to create input tag example in vue js application. Sometimes we need a tag system in our application like blog or multiple dynamic tag for ecommerce product or tag system for news-paper etc. It is a very important feature for every web application.

In this example i will show you how you can create a vue input tag example from scratch. For creating this feature i will use this @johmun/vue-tags-input package. It is very simple and easy to use and very light weight.

Using this @johmun/vue-tags-input package  it will search existing tags or you can add new tag by hitting enter keyword.



Let's see how we can create this vue tags input npm system. Install this vue-tags-input with npm

npm install @johmun/vue-tags-input


And update your App.vue like that



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Hope it can help you.


#vue-js #tag-system