Brief Explanation Of PHP Abstract Class And Its Use Cases

In This example, I will discuss abstract class php and difference between interface and abstract class in php. If you don't know about it, then this abstract class in oops with example t... Read more

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When To Choose Composition Over Inheritance In PHP

Hello devs, in this tutorial i will explain to you how we should use php composition over inheritance. We know that in object oriented programming, there are two ways using which classes can... Read more

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Refactor Your Conditions To A Method In PHP

Hello devs in this tutorial i will teach you that how you can refactor your php conditions to a method for better readability. Sometimes you know that we need to write many conditions in one if else.... Read more

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Way To Access Private Property Or Method In PHP

Hello PHP Developers in this tutorial i am going to show you an awesome thing that is how you can access private property or method in php. Generally we know that it is not possible to access private... Read more

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PHP Method Chaining Explanation With Example

Hello developers, hope you are doing well. Today in this tutorial i will discuss about PHP method chaining. So in this tutorial you will learn from scratch about how we can call multiple method in php... Read more

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