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Laravel Arr::exists() Code Example

Sometimes we need to check that whether a array key exists in our array or not. So we can check it in our laravel app using Arr facades or helper function in Laravel. Hello Artisan, in this quick e... Read more

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How To Use Is() Method In Laravel

Hello Artisan, in this tutorial i will help you that how can you use is() method in Laravel. Do you know you can check to data whather both of them same or not. If same then it will return true. So we... Read more

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Truncate String Using Limit() In Laravel Blade

Hello Artisan, in this tutorial i will show you how we can truncates the given string in laravel. Sometimes we need to trancate string in our laravel blade file. Like our post body or page body t... Read more

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Laravel Throw_if() And Throw_unless() Method Example

Do you know how to use throw_unless() and throw_if() in Laravel ?  We can check some condition like middleware or authorization in Laravel using throw_if() or throw_unless() m... Read more

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