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Laravel 9 Ajax Login And Registration Example

Hello artisan. In this laravel ajax login tutorial, I will show you how to create login with ajax laravel 9. If you do not know laravel custom login and registration with ajax then t... Read more

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Laravel Disable Auto Increment Primary Key Example

In this, I will show you an example of laravel model disable primary key. If you do not know laravel model disable auto increment then i will show you the way to enable it. I will explain to ... Read more

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Live Search With Laravel, Livewire, And Meilisearch Example

Hello artisan, In this tutorial, I will show you how to build a live search using Laravel, livewire, and meilisearch. In my previous tutorial, I have created many tutorial on Laravel search. B... Read more

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How To Define Singleton Route In Laravel 9?

Laravel released 9.42 version recently with new features call singleton route. This feature contributed Jess Archer. Now in this tutorial, I will show you how to use and define the sing... Read more

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