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Setting Up A Local Web Server For PHP

Before we create the first program or dynamic web pages or websites in PHP. We should know about the local web server. Because we knew that PHP is server side scripting language. It will be code ex... Read more


Curl Get Request With Parameters Example

There will be times that you will need to pull out data from a web service using PHP’s GET method. In this tutorial I will be demonstrating how you can make a GET Request using cURL. cURL is... Read more

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PHP In_array() Array Function Example

The PHP in_array() function is a bulit in function. in_array() function checks if a value exists or not in a array. It returns TRUE if the given items is found in the given array, and FALSE other... Read more

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Json_encode() Function | Convert PHP Array To JSON

In this tutorial i will discuss about php json_encode() inbuilt method. json_encode — Returns the JSON representation of a value. In php json_encode() function is an inbuilt... Read more

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Don't Use If Else Ladder In Php Rather Use This Method

In this tutorial we will learn about php if statement multiple conditions example. When we develop application, sometimes we will face such situation that we need multiple if condition in php. Th... Read more

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Prevent Spam Form Submissions By Bots In PHP

In this quick php tutorial i will explain prevent spam form submission using honeybot php form. I am not going to use any third party library rather i will use honeypot spam prevention technique.... Read more


How To Count PHP Array Avoiding Empty Value

Hello php devs in this quick example i will show you how to count array length without null value in php. That mean we will count non-empty entries in a PHP array using php array_filter() ar... Read more


Pass By Value And Pass By Reference Example In PHP

Hello php devs in this quick example i will discuss about reference variable in php with example. If you don't know pass by value and pass by reference in php then this example is for yo... Read more

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How To Download File From URL In PHP

Hello developer, in this tutorial i am going to show you that php curl download file from remote server. If you don't know how to do it, then you are a right plcae. This tutorial is for you.... Read more


A Complete Beginners Guide Of Predis Package

Hello devs in this example i will discuss about predis example and also show you how to install and use predis. You will learn also hot to list all key value pairs in redis using the predis libra... Read more

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