Resize Crop And Compress Image Before Uploading In React Js

Hello devs,

In this react js tutorial, I will show you how to compress images before upload in react js. Not only compress, but also I will also show you how to crop images before upload and how to resize images before upload. To compress, resize and crop images in react js, I will use this react-image-crop package.

This package is an image cropping tool for React with no dependencies. So if you don't know how to crop images before uploading with image resize and compression, then this react image upload and crop example tutorial is for you.

I will share the source code of react image crop example. So let's see the example: 

Before using this react-image-crop package. we have to install it. run to install this package.

npm i react-image-crop


Now you can use this package like that to crop image in react js with also compression and resize image.


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You can test it now. All are set to go. Hope it can help you.