React Delete Confirmation Modal Code Example

Hello devs in this react delete confirmation modal tutorial i will show you that how we can create react confirm before submit modal. It is good practice to show a react bootstrap confirm dialog before submit a form. 

We can do it in many ways but i am going to use a very simple way. I will use npm package to create this how to display alert box in react js. So let's create react alert on submit.

In this typescript react confirm dialog tutorial tutorial you will learn to show a confirm modal before delete a data. To create this i will use react-confirm-alert package It is a very simple package and easy to customize.

You can see the demo from this pic:



To use this react-confirm-alert package, run below command.

npm install react-confirm-alert --save


Then see the example code of functional component:


Then see the example code of class based component:


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Hope it can help you.


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