PHP Variadic Functions Code Example

Hello devs

In this example, I am going to explain PHP variadic function example with source code. So from this tutorial, you’ll learn about the PHP variadic functions that accept a variable number of arguments.

So let me introduce the PHP variadic function in a brief with an example. Look, the following function defines a method called sum() that returns the sum of two integers:

function sum(int $x, int $y)
    return $x + $y;

echo sum(10, 20); // 30


Now see the variadic function example in PHP. Allowing the sum() function to accept a variable of arguments, you need to use func_get_args() function. The func_num_args() built-in function returns an array that contains all function arguments. For example:

function sum()
    $numbers = func_get_args();
    $total = 0;
    for ($i = 0; $i < count($numbers); $i++) {
        $total += $numbers[$i];

    return $total;
echo sum(10, 20) . '
'; // 30 echo sum(10, 20, 30) . '
'; // 60


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Look,  above sum() function we don’t specify any parameter. So here now in this function, you can put as many parameters as you want. So it's work like a splat operator in PHP. Hope it can help you.