Linux Permissions | Linux File Permissions Details

Hello linux lover we are bit of confused when we type permission related command in linux. We don't know actually what is the meaning of that command. In this tutorial i will discuss about linux file permission.

When we are a linux user then how to change file permissions in linux, how to check file permissions in linux or give permission to folder in linux for a user are some common problem in linux. What is the chmod 777 linux meaning of this etc etc. 

After reading this content hope you will know everything about linux file permission. So lets start linux file permission tutorial. See linux use octal (base eight) values represented like this


Example index.html file with typical permission values:

chmod 755 index.html


What does this mean for ‘”755?” Look very carefully the first digit is assigned to the Owner, the second digit is assigned to the Group and the third digit is assigned to the Others.

So now we can say that owner can read write and execute and group can read and execute and others can read and execute. Hope you will get it.


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