Laravel Authentication With Breeze Example

Hello Artisan, in this tutorial i will discuss about laravel breeze. In this laravel breeze example i will show you how we can install it in our laravel app what is laravel breeze. You know Laravel 8 come with a new authentication feature like jetstream. 

But Due to a lot of Laravel community members complaining about the overall complexity that Jetstream adds, Taylor Otwell, decided to release another package called Laravel Breeze which is much simpler than Laravel Jetstream.

In this tutorial, you will learn what Laravel Breeze is and how to get started!


Table of contents
1: What is Breeze?
2: Installing Breeze
3: Running Breeze Application


What is Laravel Breeze ?

Breeze is the official package from the Laravel team that can be used to create a minimal and simple scaffolding with authentication, just like it was used to be in Pre Laravel 8 era. There’s no enforcement to use Livewire, Inertia, or anything else.

Laravel Breeze is powered by Blade and Tailwind. It publishes authentication controllers and views to your application that can be easily customized based on your own application’s needs. So, no hair-pulling in tracking those in Fortify and other unknown places.



In order to setup laravel breeze run below command to install.

composer require laravel/breeze --dev


And then, to complete the installation process, run this artisan install command:

php artisan breeze:install


You will get the following output:

Breeze scaffolding installed successfully. Please execute the "npm install && npm run dev" command to build your assets.


In order to get your static assets, you need to run the npm install && npm run dev command

After successfully do everyting, you can find all the controllers created during scaffolding under app/Http/Controllers/Auth for further customizations which is, of course, the USP of Breeze. 😉




Running Breeze Application

All are set to go. Just run  php artisan serve and you can access the application at




which should look like this.



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Hope it can help you.


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