Laravel 6 Authentication Example From Scratch

Are you looking for make auth in laravel 6 then i will help you to make authentication using laravel ui package in laravel 6. i will explain to you how to create login and registration using auth in laravel 6.

Using laravel/ui you can create simple view with auth as same you did before you do. But you have to use vue js or react js with auth view in laravel 6. But they does not provide as default you have to follow few step to do auth.


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Want to get started fast?

Install the laravel/ui Composer package and run php artisan ui vue --auth in a fresh Laravel application. After migrating your database, navigate your browser to http://your-app.test/register or any other URL that is assigned to your application. These commands will take care of scaffolding your entire authentication system!


First you need to install laravel/ui package as like bellow:

composer require laravel/ui --dev


You can use following commands for creating auth:

Using Vue:

php artisan ui vue --auth


Using React:

php artisan ui react --auth


Now you need to run npm command, otherwise you can not see better layout of login and register page.

Install NPM:

npm install


Run NPM:

npm run dev


Now you can run and check your app.


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