How To Use UseDebounce Hook In React Native

Hello react devs in this example i will discuss about react js useDebounce hook. That mean in this example i will show you how we can use this useDebounce hook and what situation should it be used. So from this example you will learn how to use debounce in react native.

This useDebounce hook compares prev and next value using shallow equal. It means, setting an object {} will trigger debounce timer. This useDebounce hook is used to postpone execution to a later time like setTimeout in React Native.

Let's install it via command line:

npm i use-debounce


And now this is the example code of useDebouce hook.


Besides useDebounce for values you can debounce callbacks, that is the more commonly understood kind of debouncing. Example with Input (and react callbacks):


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Hope it can help you to learn how use useDebouce hook in react native.


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