How To Setup Summernote Editor In Laravel?

Hello Artisan

In this summernote editor tutorial i wll explain how we can use summernote editor in laravel application. In this laravel 7 wysiwyg editor example we will setup it in our application and we will use it.

Everytime we need rich text editor in our application to create content. That time we need rich text editor like ckeditor, tinymce editor, froala editor, summernote editor etc. In this example i will show how we can add summernote editor in our laravel application.

So for creating a content you can use Summernote WYSIWYG editor, Summernote is wide range use and very popular rich text editor. Summernote rich text editor provide to use HTML Element for text content formatting and many more. Summernote also provide listing, image upload, link, font style, bold, italic etc.


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Now you can test it in your applcication. Hope it can help you.


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