How To Get Current User Location Permission In JavaScript

Hello devs,

In this quick example, I will show you how to get user location permission in javascript? Sometimes we need to track the user location who is browsing. In this example we will take user's location without permission. 

So javascript get location without permission is the example of this tutorial. I will share the source code of how to get user location in javascript. If you don't know that how to track user location, then this example is for you.

Let's see the code:


If you run this code, this gives us the following output:

GeolocationPosition {coords: GeolocationCoordinates, timestamp: 1576907157111}
	coords: GeolocationCoordinates
		latitude: 23.074603
		longitude: 72.5709305a
		ltitude: null
		accuracy: 37
		altitudeAccuracy: null
		heading: null
		speed: null
		__proto__: GeolocationCoordinates
		timestamp: 1576907157111
	__proto__: GeolocationPosition


Hope it can help you to get user location in JavaScript.