How To Do Array Destructuring In JavaScript

In this javascript array destructuring tutorial i wil show you details that how we can destructuring array in javascript. Javascript array destructuring is a useful JavaScript feature to extract properties from array and bind them to variables.

We can destructure single array or nested array in Javascript. You will also learn destructuring nested array in Javascript from this example.

Did you know that array destructuring can extract multiple properties in one statement, can access properties from nested array, and can set a default value if the property doesn’t exist yet in your array.

Let's take a look

var arr = ["Hello", "World"]  
// destructuring assignment  
var [first, second] = arr;  
console.log(first); // Hello  
console.log(second); // World  


In this above example, Here var [first, second] = arr  is an object destructuring assignment. If we want to destructure the array into multiple properties, enumerate as many properties as you like adding commas , in-between:

const [ identifier1, identifier2, ..., identifierN ] = expression;


Nested Array Destructuring:

We can destructure nested array in javascript like When we work with nested array destructuring the corresponding item might be an array in order to use a nested destructuring array literal to assign items in it to local variables.

const numbers = [1,2,3,[11,22,33]];
const [one,two,three,[eleven, twelve, thirteen ]] = numbers
console.log(one) //1
console.log(eleven) //11


Skipping Items From Array Destructuring:

We can skip items by using the comma. One comma skips one item.

const numbers = [1,2,3];
const [,,three] = numbers;
console.log(three); //3


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Hope it can help you.