How To Disable Click Event Outside A Div In JavaScript

Hello devs,

In this tutorial, I am going to share with you that how to disable click event outside a div in javascript. So from this tutorial, you will learn to disable click events outside a div javascript. 

Sometimes in our application on client-side, we need to disable some portion of the section in JavaScript. From this example, you will learn that way to disable click on div javascript.

Example code:

document.addEventListener("click", (evt) => {
    const flyoutElement = document.getElementById("flyout-example");
    let targetElement =; // clicked element

    do {
        if (targetElement == flyoutElement) {
            // This is a click inside. Do nothing, just return.
            document.getElementById("flyout-debug").textContent = "Clicked inside!";
        // Go up the DOM
        targetElement = targetElement.parentNode;
    } while (targetElement);

    // This is a click outside.
    document.getElementById("flyout-debug").textContent = "Clicked outside!";


Hope it can help you.