Getting Started With Vue Js

First, Vue is called a progressive framework. Vue is a very impressive project. It's a very popular JavaScript framework, one that's experiencing a huge growth. It is simple, tiny and very performant. 

Vue is a very popular JavaScript frontend framework, one that's experiencing a huge growth.It is simple, tiny (~24KB) and very performant.

It feels different from all the other JavaScript frontend frameworks and view libraries. Let's find out the first example of vue js.


First example of Vue Js

First I'll use the most basic example of using Vue. You create an HTML file which contains

and you open it in the browser. That's your first Vue app! The page should show a "Welcome to vue js world!" message.

I put the script tags at the end of the body so that they are executed in order after the DOM is loaded.What this code does is.

we instantiate a new Vue app, linked to the #example element as its template (it's defined using a CSS selector usually, but you can also pass in an HTMLElement).

Then, it associates that template to the data object. That is a special object that hosts the data we want Vue to render.

In the template, the special {{ }} tag indicates that's some part of the template that's dynamic, and its content should be looked up in the Vue app data. Hope you will understand code. 

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