Forget Cache Automatically On Save Mood In Laravel

Hello Artisan I came again with a brand new tips for all of you. Today i am going to show you a magical thing which you called it Laravel tips and trics. Now i will show you that how you can forget cache key when you save a new record on your specific model. 

Laravel provide many types of way to solve this problem. So in this example i will show you a very simple and easy to captured and a magical thing. you have to add just couple of lines code in your model that has to be forgotten cache key when you are going to save a new record.

Sometimes we can use event listener to do thing thing. Actually this is developer demand and how they think. But i will show you a simple thng to remove your past cache data from your cache key using Laravel boot method. See the example code to forget cache key in Laravel.


class Post extends Model
    // Forget cache key on storing or updating
    public static function boot()
        static::saving(function () {


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Hope it can help you.


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