Fetching Data In React Example Using React Query Library

Hello devs,

In my previous tutorial, I discussed how to fetch data from API in react applications in many ways. In this tutorial, I will also show you how to fetch data in react using the react query library.

So from this tutorial, you will also learn that how we can use react query library to fetch data using the useQuery hook in react js. React Query gives us that it not only provides a simple and clear syntax but also deals with state management tools to control when, how, and how often our data is fetched.

So if you don't know how to use react query useQuery, then this example is for you. Let's see the example code:

So first of all, before using it, we need to install react query. So install it by this following command.

npm i react-query
  // or
yarn add react-query


Now here is the example code of react query usequery:


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Hope it can help you.