Extra Field With Extra Relationship In Laravel Pivot Table Example

Hello artisan,

In this laravel pivot table tips tutorial, I will discuss some tips with you. You know that laravel many to many relationship brings pivot table. We also know that we need a pivot table with many to many relationship. But sometimes Iin many-to-many relationships, your pivot table may contain extra fields, and even extra relationships to other Model.

How do you handle that situation? I am here to show you that tips that how i handle this situation with extra relationship with pivot table. Fo that we need to generate a separate pivot table, Let's see the example code.

Let assume we have a RoleUser model like that:

php artisan make:model RoleUser --pivot


Now if you see the RoleUser model, notice extends Pivot, not Model


use Illuminate\Database\Eloquent\Relations\Pivot;

class RoleUser extends Pivot
	public function team()
	    return $this->belongsTo(Team::class);


Now we have to take advantage of it. So next, specify it in belongsToMany() with ->using() method. Then you could do magic, like in the example.


public function roles()
	return $this->belongsToMany(Role::class)


Now we can do to fetch data like that:



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Hope it can help you.


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