Allow Guest Posts And Submissions From Frontend In WordPress

Hello WordPress developer, in this tutorial i am going to show user submitted posts wordpress from frontend. That mean we will create guest post or user submitted post from frontend without plugin. 

You will see that many website has a guest post section where you can submit your articles. In this tutorial how to allow others to post on my wordpress blog this functionalities we are going to create without plugin.

Many blogger might want to add new posts without having to log into the WordPress dashboard, or maybe need to allow your visitors a way to submit their content.Figuring out how to submit a guest post or user submitted post from the front end is straightforward.

In this article, we’ll cover a few ways where you can create a new post form in frontend and save its results into a real, live WordPress post. To do it you have to just follow few steps.


Step 1 : Create Test.php

Now create a test.php file in your theme root directory and paste this following code in your test.php file.



Step 2 : Create a Test Page Template

Now in this we have to create test page template to show our user create submitted post form in this page. So to Pages -> Add New and create a page and from page attribute section, select Test template.

pages/add new



Now if you visit this page then you will see the following form without design.


Now all are set to go. You can try it. Hope it will work. Now you can modify it, redisign it. You can add more field. But i have just tried to show you how you can create a user submitted post from frontend quickly and of course without plugin.


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Hope it can help you.


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