5 Best Donation & Fundraising Plugins For WordPress

Are you looking for WordPress plugins for accepting donations online? An online business can efficiently run fundraising campaigns for collecting funds for non-profit organizations such as NGOs. It builds an emotional factor in the shoppers’ minds to spread positivity among people.

Why do people give donations?

  • They have the intention to help humankind.

  • They have positive energy towards building a strong society for meeting the needs of every individual.

  • They have a specific goal in mind to feed the people more to improve their communities.

  • They have the intention to make their children learn about serving people.

  • They have the intention to encourage other people to perform good deeds.


Donations can be collected online if you are running a WordPress website or owning any eCommerce online store. The WordPress library is enriched with many of the best donation and fundraising plugins that help website owners collect donations worldwide.


1. Donation for WooCommerce

Donation for Woocommerce is specifically designed for the online stores that are built on WooCommerce. It helps you in collecting donations from your customers without charging any extra fees to them. With this extension, you can easily display the donation amount on the cart or checkout page.

Moreover, it contains a clean and straightforward interface that is user-friendly. It builds an option for accepting the donation on every purchase from your online store. The beauty of this plugin is you can donate a minor amount for rounding off your total amount of the product.


  • It provides you with the two types of donation amounts.

  • Display donation amount on checkout and cart page.

  • Filter your orders easily with the campaign name.

  • Build various donation campaigns without any hassle.

  • Opt for the position of your currency symbol.

  • Collect the funds and manage them easily.

  • It lets you donate the price difference to the charity and round off the customers’ final bill amount.

  • It helps in improving with the help of campaigns’ statistics.

2. Seamless Donations

Seamless Donations was built by Zatz Labs to collect donations online. With this WordPress plugin, any website owner can easily accept funds worldwide. The easy installation and configuration barely take five minutes to receive the very first donation on your website.

The good news is that Seamless Donations is free to use and always will be. Various options are available to start repeating the donation process that can be enabled by the backend. The mailing address can be changed easily from the backend settings to receive emails on donations.


  • The updated and fresh user interface builds a comfort zone for the users.

  • The thirty-five ready-made donation form templates are available to use.

  • It is a customizable and developer-friendly plugin.

  • The plugin can be translated to any other language or can be adjusted to the default language.

  • It provides you with complete Stripe support for recurring donations.

3. Charitable

Charitable is the top-rated WordPress plugin that is used to receive donations and funds digitally. By using this plugin, a website owner can build different fundraising campaigns for collecting the funds for the non-profit organization.

It offers a freemium package which means the essential plugin is free to use and adds more functionality; you can purchase its premium account. The charitable plugin allows you to perform peer-to-peer fundraising and crowdfunding.


  • The plugin is easy to use and can be set up in five minutes.

  • Accept donations through the PayPal account without any complex configuration.

  • It enables you to set up unlimited campaigns as per your desires.

  • It is compatible with all WordPress themes.

  • It is compatible with the GDPR to make donations.

  • It allows you to edit your donations directly from the dashboard without having any other add-on.

  • Make customizations whatever you want, and it costs you nothing.

  • Make recurring donations with well-known payment gateways such as Stripe, Authorize.Net, Windcave, PayFast, Braintree, or PayUMoney.

4. WP Crowdfunding

WP Crowdfunding is a WooCommerce based plugin that builds an opportunity for the users to create crowdfunding campaigns effortlessly. The beauty of WP Crowdfunding is that it has its own native wallet system for receiving local payments.

Track your donations with the statistical data and generate reports for record-building purposes. A wide variety of functionalities for the backers are ready to offer through this platform.


  • It is based on the World’s popular eCommerce platform that is WooCommerce.

  • With its native wallet system, an admin can easily track funds generated through the crowdfunding project.

  • Sends the payment to the project owner by using the Stripe Connect feature. Integrate this facility without any hassle and distribute the money seamlessly.

  • The front-end options are user-friendly and comfortable. Add payment methods, automate the calculations process, and manage the amount from the front-end operations.

  • The widely used payment methods such as PayPal, Stripe, Skrill, Cards are supported.

5. Donorbox

The donorbox WordPress plugin builds a seamless donation system in just fifteen minutes. It allows donors to manage the monthly recurring donations and recurring plans. The payments can be taken by cards, Apple Pay, low-fee ACH, and SEPA bank transfers.

You do not require any set-up fee, any monthly fee, or any contracts. The donorbox offers different ways to receive online donations such as donation form, donation button, fundraising page, crowdfunding page, and text-to-give functionality.

It gains the best user experience by providing the users with a modern design for the user branding and customization process as per your requirements. Also, you can receive donations in multiple ways.


  • Accept donations for the non-profit organization and for serving humanity. The platforms include churches, schools, wildlife, political campaigns, media, and arts.

  • Accept payments using all payment methods such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal Express, and other bank payments.

  • Increase your donations by allowing the donors to cover the donation fees, multi-currency support, weekly, monthly, and annually recurring donations.

  • Build marketing strategies for your donation platform through social media, donor walls, donation pop-ups, and by creating other goal meters.

  • Build crowdfunding campaigns to encourage donors to donate more.


Wrapping Up!

Building a donation campaign is a challenging process, and it is not everyone’s cup of tea. You have to know about the donation and fundraising campaigns to create a way for accepting donations. In this blog, we have discussed the well-known donation and fundraising WordPress plugins to receive funds and donations globally.


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